As the bell rung in the new year, there seem to be a sense of freshness.  The freshness of a new beginning, leaving the old stale year behind.  We always begin the new year with enthusiasm, or at least I do.  And with a big gust of optimism tossed in for good measure.  I think of all that I can do in this new year ahead.  I think of new ventures to pursue, money to make and places to travel.

Yet I did the same thing the year before and somewhere along around June, it turned sour, stale and bleak.  Somehow though this year seems to hold a different tone even then the ringing in of 2010 when the heart beat to the high hopes of a great year.  Yet mine was plagued with so many difficulties I care not to even make note.

This year however I am beginning with a different frame of mind.  Even my dreams the week prior to the bridge over to 2011 were of optimism, extreme wealth and happiness.  And those dreams still flow.  The difficulties of 2010 did not go away with the bell, however those do not seem as grave as a few months ago.  Seem more manageable for some reason.

And so it is with a new year.  It is as if we can begin our life over again with all those months ahead to create the life we have always wanted.  To follow our dreams this year….definitely this year.   It seemed even the greetings from others had a bit more umph to those then previously or perhaps my mind is more keen to the belief.

To close out the old year and on the winter solstice I spent a bit of time releasing all that I did not want in my life to the universe.  Old worn out tapes that play over and over in my mind, leading me astray every time I venture in a great direction.  Following the path that has the bumps and caverns to cross rather then the one lined with smoothness.  It was not an easy task and at times a bit gut wrenching, but never the less, I managed to truly release the negative old past and daily now make an effort to be on track with the new direction.  So what a way to bring in the new year and perhaps why it feels so fresh.  The old stale has been replaced in so many ways.

So fresh it is and how grateful I am for that freshness.  For the pure gift of a new year to have the chance again to pursue my dreams, to change course and to look in the mirror knowing I did it the best I could.  And freshly each day.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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