Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an opening of a new cafe.  Seeing a few people I have not seen in a while and chatting about various subjects.  The one of naming a car came up in the conversation.  One of the women in the group son had named their car Aunt Sylvia, not just Sylvia but Aunt Sylvia.  A bit different for a car.  Another one of the women said she had yet to come up with a name for her car although it felt very male rather then the usual female.

The woman who named her car Aunt Sylvia did so because the car was acting a bit cranky and someone asked her if she had named it yet.  The crankiness stopped following her son naming the car.  So it is with the universe it seems, things need to have life since those operate in our world whether vibrating with heart or not.  A car like a home become very familiar to us.  Sometimes even reminding us of someone in our life either parental or friend, maybe even foe.

This morning it occurred to me that maybe the reason the building I live in and so would like to sell has been very unhappy for the past years because while there is a lot of life in the building, it does not have a name.  It is as if it is standing tall with a blankness.  The building has all the quirkiness and sometimes dysfunctional traits of my Mother.  So I am thinking I will name it after my Mother although like the building she certainly created havoc in my life.  Yet maybe that is the answer.  So I think I will name it Octavia.  A pretty name with strength and solidity which the building has all of that.  Dysfunctional enough to follow the trait of my Mother.  Not dysfunctional in the sense of operational, oh no she stands tall and proud.  Dysfunctional in the sense of emotion because I can never quite feel comfortable here or call this home.  There is something missing which I have yet to identify.

So beginning with this morning the building will be called Octavia.  And perhaps when I sell the building, leave I will then also leave the ties that have held me from moving forward in life.  Profound for sure, however just like my Mother, the building of heavy red bricks, has been a heavy obstacle to freedom.

So perhaps it is that buildings and maybe even houses should have names like cars and boats.  They are indeed part of our lives and sometimes live and breathe life into our world.   I am wondering now, if the spirits who live in the old building will now come forward in peace.  The days to come will reveal that I feel sure.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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