Clearing out

For a long time I have had a visual manifestation board.  The kind they mention in the film The Secret.  I have had one off and on for years.  A result I think from some book I read years ago.  Some of the things come to pass, others still pending.

Things come and go.  Pictures change, desires change.  Houses change.  Today I removed a photo of someone and only for a minute felt guilty yet my heart and mind knew it was best to toss that photo releasing that connection.  Lack of communication.  Lack of connection send the message it is time to forget of the possibility.  To recognize the reasons why it was a desire and benefit from that.   Yet the picture stairs at me from the trash and I wonder.

The same goes for the various pictures of houses I have placed on the board in many different locations as the whim to live there takes hold.  All great places all with reasons.   So the board changes as do my desires and needs.  Some are impacted by financial matters.  Others are simply releasing things that no longer seem important.  And some are people I thought may come into my life yet will not when fact is faced full on even when the photo stairs from the trash beneath my writing table.

I still believe in the visual board and that it can bring things to one.  It is that mindset that keeps one on track and focused for what they want.  It is also very beneficial to step back and clear out.  It allows one to travel lighter and focus on the more important desires.  It is a sense of freedom and it allows the universe to work for us.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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