Windy times

The wind blew into this little town about three o’clock in the morning and increased through out the hours.  It blows blustery now bring cooler air with it.  The sky is clear yet the wind creates the clouds of dust that is common to a small country town.

The tenants below have the doors open both front and side creating an even greater gale force.  So much so the wind pulled down a lovely old trifold door…many, many years old.  Twisting it off the hinges and pulling a section of wood from one of the doors.  I placed these to create a blocked view of one tenant space to the other never dreaming that anything would happen to the doors.  Heavy, beautiful doors.  Yet as it goes when one leaves things for tenants something always happens.

It wasn’t intentional of course not like some events in the past by a tenant.  Yet is still is unsettling and disappointing because these were doors I planned to use in my next place.   So with the wind rearranging the dust outside and in, there is a bit of unsettling feeling today in the air.

Later a realtor I have retained to listed the building with high hopes in his vision to sell the property at long last or let’s say again at long last.  It was sold a couple years ago and as it goes in a small town, became a messy situation with the guy walking the contract, buying a building a few doors down.  Small town stuff, you know.  So this time I am listing with a guy new to the area of Austin with the eyes of LA with him and today he brings an architectural photographer by to click a few fresh photos.  So that too as the wind brings a bit of unsettled feeling.

Not because it is not worthy of such photography, because it most definitely is, more because I really dislike strangers in my space for very long.  An odd trait I have, yet it remains within me and something I have yet to shed with age.  There seems to be an invasion to me especially when they indicate rearranging or “staging” that ever so familiar word that accompanies real estate sales these days.  And of all things they come when I am ending the day. When people are gone at last and I have the building to myself.

Oh I know it is only one afternoon.  Only an hour or two, still I feel I have to entertain and I feel I have to protect even though I am not attached to the building.  It remains my home for the present time and since I already share the interior with two tenants…not my apartment of course…the general space of the building with their energy penetrating the atmosphere…I prefer to have the time when they are not here all to myself.

So it goes when the wind blows through.  Things get rearranged.  Mother Nature shakes things up a bit and waits for us to set things back in order.  And so it will be this afternoon when they leave.  I breathe and relax knowing tomorrow is another day when perhaps the wind will not blow.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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