Breezy Fall Day

The sun is out.  The wind is whistling.  The temperature dropping.  Not drastically yet enough to have a feel of winter to come.  I can hear the sound of the leaves rustling by on the street below and the sound transports me to another place.  Maybe even another time that I have lived or yet to live.

It is a day of encouraging energy.  The tree tops sway outside my upstairs living room windows nodding in resistance yet rustling richly.  The key wind chime that my neighbor gave and which hangs by the door, tingles like coins in a change purse.  Those too sway steadily with the wind and horizontally at times when the sound is the richest.

All these little mixtures of actions by Mother Nature offer a cache of lovely gifts.  If a sailboat on a lake had these winds, it would reach the other side quickly.  Thus the sense that new things are on the horizon.   The change is invigorating.  Mind clearing.  It is a day to write.  To read.  To travel with the wind to other places and to think of things to come.

We must leave the harbor to catch the wind and so it is today.  We must catch the wind with our minds and travel where it takes us.   As Mother Nature blows her way into our life with yet another season.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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