Wee hours of the morning

It is great to wake from a wonderful night of deep sleep to the clock indicating an early hour yet one that calls to step out of bed.  Begin the day.

Coffee brewed, sipped while writing in my journal.  Cats fed.  The most important part of the morning so there is not a riot by annoyed felines.   Then the quiet of the morning to enjoy.  When the world has yet to wake.

It is nice to have the extra time to do the routines that begin the day like writing in a journal, a very important part of the morning for me.  It is a place where one can go to air thoughts, feelings and to work through issues, challenges that life presents.  It is a place to do so without affecting anyone yet so beneficial to the soul.  It is a place to record dreams and then later refer to when something similar happens in real life.  Recognizing the message the dream presented.  It is a place to record life both the joys and the not so joyful parts.

Two of the cats who live with me, my later in life family, have to have hugs. These are my country boys rescued at the side entrance to my building a year or so after moving to this small town.  Both were in sad condition and on the brink of dying.  As it goes with things, there was a mark on the door apparently and they knew I would feed them, then eventually not able to stand it any longer, take them in.  They are, as we all should be, very grateful for the life they now have which is incredibly luxurious by comparison to the dusty alley where they scraped out their previous life.

So I set aside the coffee and lay the pen down to give the guys each a big hug.  It satisfies them.  Each then laying nearby for a morning nap.  It is a serene scene really if one was to look down from above or enter the room.  We are at peace in this early hour of the day.  The heart is quiet.  The soul pure.  The messages received openly.  It is as life should be all day long and a time I am so grateful I now have to enjoy most every morning.  Like the cats, I am grateful for the early hour, for the food I have, for the safe place I live, for the luxurious life by comparison to the alley many must call home in other parts. I am grateful for my talents which if I admit it are many.  I am grateful most of all for the peace of the morning and the quieting of the soul.

So the words flow and the journal pages fill.  The cats sleep.  The fans swirl.  And the sun peeks on the horizon.  Morning.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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