This morning an article appeared on my screen about an art dealer who betrayed so many clients on both sides of a sale.  As I read the article, it had so many twists and turns it was difficult to imagine that a person could actually create such a world and live in it.

All of us at some time or other are probably betrayed and we try to pass it off that the other person did not intend to do so.  They knew not what they did.  Yet also in the article is and the closing line, is the thought provoking message from the guy creating this twisted world in the art community, that “betrayal is never an accident”.

That coincides I suppose with there are no coincidents.  The thought that came to surface many years ago in the Celestine Prophecy.  The ever so popular and well read book.  Even though it was supposedly pure fiction, it carried with it a very strong message that if one is aware, the occurances all have purpose and reason.  Whether that reason is meeting someone who will present an opportunity, a different locale, or feed the soul.  Yet how do we know when we are being betrayed.  All of us want and need to trust.  It is human nature.  It goes with being able to love and be loved.

There are the red flags I suppose if we are truly aware.  It is always the action that we must watch.  Anthony Robbins presented long ago in his seminars the method of NLP and how to recognize reactions that reveal the inner twists of a person.  It is indeed a method to protect oneself.  Still our mind even if we have that training does not always want to go there.  To believe that this person we so like, are so endeared by could possibly be doing to us what it seems they are if we are alert and aware.

The sad thing is it always comes down to greed.  Greed does not necessarily mean money.  It also can mean attention and a person can and will betray to be the center of attention.  Probably more times then for money yet that center of attention more then likely leads in the end to greed.

Not everyone is a betrayer however if you have grown up in a world of betrayal then you are more prepared to recognize it, I suppose.  Yet in someways because it is a familiar trait we are drawn to those types until of course we step back and refuse to ever let it happen to us again.  In some cases such as mine, I keep everyone at a distance with the exception of a very few.

And just when I think there is someone new I can trust, he steps out and the evidence is there.  Yet we must live our lives and be happy in doing so.  We must not allow a betrayal of any type to control us or rent space in our heads for very long.  We must set the tone that we will not allow it or be a party to betrayal.  We must also pray for those who do betrayal because as the guy who betrayed the art community on a huge scale, betrayal is never an accident.


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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