Daily concerns…

Currently I am wondering if it is because I am older, more opinionated, more time to be aware or is it that things really are out of control which is making me so concerned.

The nightly news carries some really scary stuff if you step into the gap and know the underlying current.  If you listen to what is really being said by these so call conservatives who are so off base and so out of control with their attacks against Muslims, against Obama, against anything they seem to find that they feel it not right.  It could even be the style of one’s hair at this point because the issues are that lame and that off base.

People keep referring to Muslims attacking the World Trade Center towers.  Muslims did not attack the towers.  A few radical, angry, warped minded men who were from Middle Eastern countries did.  To say Muslims attack the World Trade Center would be the same as if a guy who was raised Baptist bombed a fast food restaurant.  Would it then be said that Baptist blew it up…of course not.  And to blame Obama for all that is happening now is also so off base.  Does anyone not recall what happen in the Bush administration.  Just how low his ratings were because of his cavalier tactics.  Does anyone not recall his approach to the economy, to the war he so quickly walked the country into or rather ran us into with no concern the cost.  Is anyone not realizing the tone by these so called conservative groups is so much like that of what brought about World War II.   The mindset against a religious group.  The constant threat to those people and anyone like them.

We are a country of diversity.  Of freedom of choice.  The right to pray to whom we wish.  To walk the streets dressed as we wish.  To be disrespectful of a religious group or of a President of the United States when he is doing his best to turn this country back around from the bottom of the alley dumpster, is just plain wrong.

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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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