There is something so refreshing about the fall season.  Even though the leaves turn brown they seem to have a happy dance across the streets, lawns and fields as they drift away to nestle somewhere for the winter.  It is as if they are free.  Free to fly.  Free from the ties that bind hanging onto the same tree all spring and summer long.  Free to follow the wind, rest by a flower if the choice is available. Free to just linger for all winter and wither away in time.

Everything turns so golden.  It is as if the world has taken on a new glow wearing a badge of honor with the golden leaves, the golden fields of grass turning for the winter.  And soon the trees will be bare allowing full views beyond.  A different perspective on the horizon.  A different view of the world around us.  The sun shows brightly through the bare limbs.  The moon glows proudly as it rises above the earth and then drops away before the sun shines again. There is a beauty with the glow of each through the branches making the trees appear taller, prouder somehow in all their nudity.

Their souls are bare and ready to take on the next season knowing perhaps that they will have a face lift when spring arrives again.  And so perhaps it should be for us.  We could allow all the old hangings on to drift away with the fall season.  Stand tall through the chill of winter and have faith that in the spring we will bring renewal of spirit and faith with the new growth around us.

Fall is a cleaning time, it seems.  A freeing time.  It is my favorite season with the leaves drifting about.  Dancing so happily.  The freshness of a cool breeze. The chance the season brings for hope and for sharing time with friends soon cozy before a fire.  It is a new beginning of sorts and a season to celebrate with all its golden glow.

So may we dance a golden dance allow our souls to be free.  To drift.  To rest. To renew.




About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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