Difference of Opinions

The past few days there has been an exchange of emails between a niece I haven’t seen or heard from in years and me.  It all began when she “mistakenly” sent an Obama bashing email…one of the most scathing I have received.  I responded with my usual response in support of the current administration which is trying to overcome years of madness and demise created by the former cavalier one.

It seems that difference of opinion touched another nerve of much more sensitive issues and resulted in the condecending tones and arrogance of one who has only wanted to be in touch when it may be of benefit to her.  It does however amaze me that people think they can “mistakenly” send an email and then think all will be wiped away through that whimppish excuse.

The past had to be dragged into the throws of things.  Hurtful words had to come forth and as it goes with things, there are really no coincidences or “mistakenly” sent anythings.  All things happen for a reason, purpose and result.  So it is with this recent exchange with this niece.

Unsettling…indeed.  Surprising…absolutely not.  It does demonstrate how the anger carries not just from the turmoil of the country which is now being influenced at the hands of a party that has a history of messing things up so badly it takes years to reverse. All because they are not in office acting out their stardom approach to democracy.  And it seems that turmoil is carrying over to all phases of life.  It nudged a bit of depression with in me this morning.  A nudge that reminds me my future as a result of the former administration is not as bright as I had hoped.  It was also a nudge that I can not bend to depression as the hands of someone else’s anger.  Or the anger of a nation.  I must, like all of us, hang onto hope.  Keep the faith and know in our hearts, the future will be ok.  We must walk down the path with that feeling so that when there is a fork in the path we take the better direction.  The one that leads us to peace, happiness and abundance in our hearts, in our souls and in our world.

I so hope the out of touch niece finds the same path and is able to resolve her issues of anger both at the world, at me and whatever else seems to be the cause.  It is all we can hope for anyone familiar or stranger.  It is all we can hope for a nation.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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