Out of the films

Sometimes there are scenes in films that stay with us.  Send a message or prompt memory of a similar situation.  Other times the scene may come to mind when something in real life happens that is almost identical to the scene.  It is a feeling how did they anticipate that would happen or did someone try to duplicate the scene in real life.  It happens all the time.

Recently there was an accident on the corner a block away.  It was identical to one that was staged a few months back by a film crew in town filming a major movie.  Could it be a coincident.  Not likely since we know there are no coincidences with the universe.  The colour of the vehicles was different however it was a man and a woman involved in the accident as it was in the film.   And the woman was the one really spun around as it was in the film.

It was dejavu for sure.  Fortunately like the film no one was seriously injured however unlike the film, the people involved in the real accident were not padded and protected.  They did receive bruises and injuries although not not serious.

On another note in a movie I saw prior to coming to this small rural Texas town, there is a scene that stayed in my mind when I saw the film and once here I knew why.  Little did I realize first of all I would be living in the town where the movie was made.  And little did I know I would experience some of the same cattiness and hatefulness as exposed in the movie.  There is one scene in the film that so resembles how those who lead act even though the scene is of children chasing a new comer down the alley.  It is how some are treated here although not literally chased down the alley yet it does feel much the same.

So there are lessons, messages in movies especially if a scene stays with us.  Do we bring it to ourselves, later or is it just a message to let us know it is coming.  I suppose there is no way to know.  Intriguing however….


About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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