Sea legs of life.

It has been almost five years since buying a historic building in a very, very small rural town.  Only in the past few days did I finally follow my instincts and revamp the upstairs apartment.  It followed the need to bring furniture from the second level to the top level apartment where I live.  For all these years I have not felt comfortable in the space or the building.  Way too formal the buildout for me.  More the personality of the previous owner then me and never quite feeling my footing in all these years.

I prefer to live on a ground level rather then elevated on a second or third floor.  It is part of my astrological make up.  Yet I can normally create a comfortable space that feeds my soul.  For some reason I have not been able to do so in this building or this town.

So the other day when I brought all the furniture from the mezzanine apartment to the top level, I had to revamp and this time followed my instincts of how it should be rather then how the former owner viewed the space.  Or how others felt the space should be used.

The dining room which is a very large space, soon became the living and dining room.  The intended living room which is huge by any living standards, became a wonderful studio where I now sit to write this blog and where I will paint from time to time.

The living room is now more me.  So much more me.  And as a result I can clearly see that there is not another thing I need.  It is preparing me I know for my next move.  My next move to a cottage in Florida.  Where I can sit comfortably as I now do in the living room with a coziness.  And where I will create a studio there as well.

As it goes with life, once your soul is comfortable on a level that you can relate, then what you truly want will come.  I so feel that is happening for me and it is just the way the universe works.  Our soul must have its sea legs to ride the wave of life.   So with the pushing and shoving of furniture.  With the total revamping and ignoring what is appropriate for others yet not for me, with the move to be true to myself, with all of that came my sea legs so that my soul can now ride the waves and those flow toward and away from me.

Now my ship will come in….

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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