An empty pond.

Recently in the small town I currently live in, which for some reason I have never been able to call home, there has been new dynamics flowing around among a few.  It seems that a guy who bought several buildings along the Main Street of the town was ruffled a bit by a phone call regarding the appearance of one of his buildings.  This guy has enjoyed many tax benefits, write offs and periodic rental income from the town yet allows black plastic to cover the large display storefront windows and the building to fall to disrepair. Those who feel they know best for the town, the Chamber President, the council members who never walk Main Street all have been supportive of this guy.  Who could really be supportive of someone who is causing the town to fall into despair and affect the health of the neighboring businesses and the property values of the town.  Yet they do and when the guy was approached by someone unknown to do something about his building appearance, he became miffed.  That miffed dominoed into a miffed by the Chamber and town managers because they lost a film who had use of the space for their set.  That was so much more important to the town then the well being of the neighboring businesses struggling to stay open.   Who cares… seems to be the attitude.

To mingle, albeit briefly with the film people, the directors, the actors who blow in to town, drink their boredom away and laugh when they leave, is far more important to the Chamber people and the town managers then it is to be concerned about who is really paying their salaries.  It is a very twisted world, this small town dynamics.  They drop names like they are such good buddies and acting as if the rest of us are less then important yet again we as the business owners and property owners are who pay their salaries.

To allow a property owner to let his property to fall to unfavorable condition in the middle of town is really unacceptable.  To be upset because someone made the attempt to do something about is even more unacceptable.   It makes me wonder if all small towns operate on this same level.  If they are so starved for importance because they have accomplished little in their lives, that they are so willing to disregard those who are really the most valuable to their well being for the sake of a moment of glow standing next to a celebrity who will never grace the dirt they are standing on again, that is very sad.

I suppose it is a bit of big fish little pond.  Yet what happens with the pond vanishes and all is left but cracked soil and the dibre that has collected at the bottom.  What happens then.  How does one refill the pond.  How does one bring the star struck people who are suppose to have the best interest of the town at heart back to reality so that the town lives and the common fish float again.

It seems to be what is wrong with this country.  That there is so much bling and glitz which is fine, however when it jeopardizes others, it is not.  And it seems across this nation in little towns, particularly this one the well being, the future and the lives of many are being jeopardize, totally compromised for the sake of bling and glitz.

Somehow we, those of us in jeopardy, must over ride that blitz.  Rise up, stand tall and take back what is rightful ours because if we do not, then all of us will be in bread lines and those who ran after the bling and glitz will be sadly standing with us.

There are lessons to be learned in times such as these.  And history always repeats itself yet it seems this has gone way beyond anything in history past.  Never have so many been so awe struck, so wanting, so in need of so much that they are willing to jeopardize their fellow man to gain it.  Maybe there is a way to use the empty pond to once again flourish a small town, a nation, a people.  Maybe if we stand together and pity those who so need the bling and glitz, so need the moment of exposure to a celebrity to feel worthy, so need that self imposed importance, if we recognize the total insecurity and simply move forward in hopes they will fall in step, then the pond will be full again.

Just maybe with hope in our hearts, we can overcome.

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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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