Questionable causes

For over four and half years I have lived in a small country town in Texas.  One thinks when they make a move from the city to the country that it will be full of fresh air.  Healthier on all levels and that life will take that tranquil turn that we all hope for at some point in time.

Since being in this small town, there has been person, after person, after person diagnosed with cancer.  It is said that we just happen to notice it more because of it being a small town, yet it seems extremely unnerving that so many, so many are diagnosed with cancer.  Grant it there is tension here.  Stress prevails far more then the city so I have discovered because there is that underlying, manipulative influence of a few who think they rule.  Still even that stress should not be the reason so many have cancer.

There is a woman whom I have known since coming here.  Her future looks rather bleak although she fights the battle of cancer which is quickly winning by taking over her body and now into her bones.   She has been here for a long while.  Endured a lot of stress here. Had a retail business, then closed that.  Sold her lovely home with a pool and moved to a less expensive, much more mundane home then the previous one.  A house of the 50’s era which probably had health issues.  Yet that does not seem to be what would cause one to have cancer.

At times in the early hours of the morning there is an odor in the air if one steps outside that burns the eyes and nostrils.  Wreaks of chemicals.  Almost acidic in the smell and sensation.  Yet when one inquires what this may be, it is passed off that it is the automotive place painting cars…..not so at 5 am in the morning.  They are not even close to opening.   The water taste is very heavy with a beyond mineral taste and guests have stated that they have had a rash after showering here.  All very strange.

Most outdoor cats are HIV and leukemia positive, so the vet told me when I rescued two big country boys from the barren country life.  They are fat and happy now, enjoying a life on the sofa and more food then they ever dreamt possible.  Plus not having to work for it. And they have tuna to have the fighting factors of Omega 3.  Life is good for them as it should be for everyone.   Yet there is something here.  Something that is causing so many to have cancer.  So many affected who are in touch with God as a lifestyle.  So it is not a lack of faith, or a meanness that brings it on to a person.  It is something in the area.  Oh yes stress in one’s life can offer enhanced conditions within the body for cancer to happily party.  Still, there is something here.  So much so a cancer treatment hospital opened a couple years ago in the next town.  Hospitals with a focus do not open, just to open.  There are numbers that are crunched.  Research conducted and forecast of profits to be made considered before the dirt is bought and the bricks brought in.  So the red flag goes up yet no one wants to notice.

Those who could do something about whatever is the source do not want to act.  Probably because it would affect their wallets…that old greed thing coming into play and probably because they do not want to endure the scandal it may bring.  So they pity those who have the cancer.  Say good bye to them as they loose the battle and yet stand by doing little to prevent it.

As it goes with questionable things, the rug is lifted and dirtiness is brushed under for the time being.  Somehow hoping that the rug will make it all go away.  At some point the rug has to be lifted and the dirt revealed.  Let’s hope someone with the power to lift the rug does so before another life is ruined and a family destroyed.  Maybe the waving red flag will be noticed by that one person who knows the source, who knows the reason and who is brave enough to act.  And brave they must be.



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Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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