Environmental Thoughts

It goes without saying that the environment is of concern to most people and seems to be more among those who have read a book recently or have some higher form of intelligence.  One does not have to be a scholar or have money to realize there is a huge risk at stake of not doing one’s part.  And one’s part can be anything from the simple measure of saving a plastic bag for reuse or not using a plastic bag at all.  It is the little actions that add up.  Like a small kiss on the check can sometimes hold love in place when it may be faltering a bit.

In small town America there does not seem to be the concern for the environment as say residents of a city have.  There are the big trucks that are left idling for long periods of time while the driver goes to the bank, or the grocery or to talk with some other big hat.

There is the trash that streams from the trash bins because the lid has long been tossed or blown away without care.  There is the accumulations of old cars and trucks at the auto repair places.  There is the over use of the truck, the car and the attitude is without concern.  It seems to be a status symbol to drive a big truck, a big car.  Have a huge house to heat or cool.  It is the 1950s after all when who knew about the environment.  Who cared.  There would always be enough.

I have to wonder sometimes if the pure syphoning of oil from the earth is not the cause of the shift of the earth platelets and thus the cause of the major earth quakes, the sinkholes that appear out of no where and the change of the earth itself.  If one thinks about it as a body, when the lubricates are gone then the joints are worn by the abrasion and deteriorate.  So it could be with the earth.  The oil has been the lubricate of the interior of earth deep down for centuries and now with our greed and lack of care, we jeopardize the interior of the earth as well as the atmosphere.  Surely there is a way to reduce this abuse although it is going to have to take the big hat guys to realize that their world is really rather sad and the greed is loud.

So perhaps one by one, we can take a different path.  We can use less.  Be wiser.  Be caring of the earth, of our fellow man.   Walk, talk less, idle less, use less.   Less has always been more.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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