Social media

There is a tone which now jumps loud to our minds and for those of us who are visual the message brings a picture.  So it is with the little bits of information shared on facebook and twitter.  Just this morning appearing on my fb wall was an entry sharing that some small child had finally peed in the potty…..way more information I wanted with my morning coffee and wondered why it was meant to be so public.

It made me long for the days of privacy when such occurances were kept within the walls of the family or home.  No one need know such little tidbits that little baby has just peed for the first time in his potty.  It further seems that we are way too exposed to one another and share way too much information that makes someone like me wonder why and think “does anyone really care”.  I bet no one does yet some will post a like or a response to the “cute” little entry.

Maybe it is the lighter side of life that I missing somehow I don’t think so.  I long for our dignity back.  For our privacy and for the “less is better” approach.  I think we would be a better people, a better society if we would share less of our worlds and focus more on the values at hand.  Maybe the needs of others, rather then “I am sitting at a table with 10 people”….SO!  or Billy has just peed in his potty…..SO!

How do we reverse this madness?  How do we regain our sense of pride and privacy?  Have we totally gone over the edge as a society?   Gosh I hope not.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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