When one decides where to live and there are no ties that bind, how is the process of selection made?  Is it based on a spiritual flow….say something that feeds the soul.  Is it based purely on a place for financial reasons or does one follow the obligation of guilt that family imposes?   All seem to come to play in making the decision especially if there is no employment dictation of where to live.

I have always been a shore person.  Loving to sit reading a book by the shore as the waves crash on the sand. Or taking a stroll with a bit of sea glass popping up now and then revealing its aged colours from the tumbling in the sea. A treasure presented at my feet to save to my collection.  The shore has always been part of my soul however now it has become almost prohibitive financially.  It seems to be a place for the privileged to live.  Insurance is high, properties values while much lower are still high especially for one on a fixed income and then there are the property taxes.  All influence the decision to live by the shore.

Recently I am giving a lot of thought to finding a place near a stream, lake or river in the mountains.  Nestle in.  Listen to the stream.  Watch the birds land on the lake and witness Mother Nature at work as the seasons  change.  And her wildlife as they live off the land.  It offers an appealing lifestyle of peacefulness.  A safe haven and a bit lower in the cost of living.  It isn’t the shore but perhaps one can hear the music of the waves in their heart for a lifetime if the soul is quiet enough to listen.

An enchanting lane could bring one home to peacefulness.  A lane that is traveled by family and friends to come savor Mother Nature for a time.  Where festive dinners are shared and conversation flows vibrantly by the fire.  It offers a great chapter for the thought of relocation and definitely one to weigh the options.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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