Longing can take a person on a trip away from their immediate surroundings.  Some say it is a waste of time, some call it day dreaming, some may even say it is in the realm of irresponsible.  It is however a great tool I feel to reach in your soul and long for a new adventure, a new place, a friend or a change of pace.  It is a step that may be used to leverage one on to a new path for a better life.  Longing can be a motivator to move one forward to achieve goals, to have the place in the sun one may only dream of.  The messages come through longing although the heart must be very quiet to hear the music in the garden.

As a child I stood looking out the bedroom window of the small farmhouse where we lived, longing to travel on the road visible from the window.    As an adult I still do the same.  I stand looking out the window longing to leave, longing to find my place in the sun.  Longing still.  I listen now as I have not in the past to the messages that longing brings.  It is a form of meditation for me.  My world somehow is quieted by the act of looking out the window and allowing the longing to take over.  It transports me.  It wraps me in a cloak of comfort like a hug from a longtime friend.   So from the longing I know there is soon to be the going and the path of desire will be fulfilled along the way.  I hear the music amid the chaos.  The longing brings the tune to my soul.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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