There is something about society today that makes life feel very fragmented.  No one seems to pay on time….at least not one of my tenants….there is little phone contact unless one considers tex messaging contact.  There are only blipps of responses to emails, tex messages or even a phone call.  It is all a bunch of jibberish and the reason everyone feel so out of sorts, stress and pulled to the ends of the earth like an old fashion rubber band about to break.  And we are about to break.  Or I am at least.  Oh yes I will hold it together however there seems to such a power play of people.  Hold the check for an extra day or two….that will show her that I am the one in control.   That then creates a domino effect on everything else making one’s world feel extremely fragmented and precarious.  I wish we could all have peaceful, calm times return.  It seems so long ago that those even existed.  Somehow in the back of my mind I recall those pleasant times when people did what they said they would do.  When they return calls.  When they actually communicated and spoke with you.  When they were up front and leveled with you rather then playing games.  We need those days back to bring us back to a place of whole.  Virginia Wolf said  “arrange whatever pieces come your way”   So I guess to be at peace with the chaos, the fragmentation, the disrespect, the power plays….that is just what we have to do.  Pieces I suppose will become peace.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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