There are people who walk into our lives and we wonder why they have arrived.  I have a tenant who is like that.  Leases the best retail space in this small town from me yet always has issues especially when the rent is due.  Can never pay on time even though she knows it is due and walks out, taking a day off without leaving a check. Sometimes not particularly a good check.  She has broken the toilet about five times now….clogging it twice on purpose according to the plumber.  Then she broke the handle three times until I replaced it with an industrial strength one.  And for some reason she feels operable means that I am suppose to wash her store front windows.  It is always something. According to her business is off because she is so unhappy with me. Of course it has nothing to do with the junk she sales…garage sale rejects.  The unfortunate part is she stays just within  the ok realm of her lease.   In times as we are all living, we all have difficulties to deal with, making even more reason to treat one another with respect and consideration.  Most importantly by doing the right thing.

There seems to be a trend with more passive aggressive behavior among people then I have experienced in the many years past.  Maybe I am just more aware or perhaps it is that people are operating from a basis of fear and by manipulating through passive aggressive behavior, they feel a sense of worth, power.   Of course there is that old karma thing of why is this person in my world and what have I done to deserve this.  In my case I know it is old tapes and a lesson to be learned.

Fortunately for me, I am aware of the behavior so it does not rattle me as it once did although it does affect my income when this tenant does not pay her rent on time.  It makes one always on alert for the next passive aggressive move.  I have learned that it is really best to gain all the details of how a tenant was in their last lease situation before inviting them into your world.  This tenant just moved from one space to another with the same method of opprende thinking I suppose that since I am a woman she would be able to over ride me.  I do think she treats me with less respect and makes every attempt to make life as difficult as possible.  She is not winning even though late rent makes life a bit uncomfortable and requires juggling funds, still she can not pierce my soul which I think she would so love to do….way stronger then she realizes.  And maybe, just maybe by believing the rent will come.  The check will be good and she will eventually go away, all will be even better.

About annamayfair

Enthusiastically interested in life, well being and art...writer by desire and dream, artist by the soul....friend to animals.
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